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powered by various junkfoods and loud music, and repelled by small children. likes reptiles and lime green a whole lot. often sits around in their pajamas drawing and picking their nose.

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serious messages can get to me by e-mail (


This is how I pay for my bills. Any and all help is appreciated.
Do not dispute my prices with me or offer to trade me art instead. Thank you!

Prices | Art Status


- OPEN -
buy me things, and get art in return! also works as a wishlist
- click for more info -
EDIT: heading out soon! I will continue work on these comms when I return. Thank you all, you've been a tremendous help! 

hey guys so here's the deal
just got the electric bill, its over $300 for some reason despite being around $100 last month (it might've been the 100 degree weather). I'm sick and tired of making my roommates pay for my part of the bills because I don't make enough. I just got my paycheck and despite working 40+ hours over the past 2 weeks I only made $250 after taxes. I'm going to Otakon this weekend and I had really been looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend but now I won't have any money to do anything but get my ass to the convention center. I really really want some extra cash to enjoy myself. 
I've nearly cleared my queue (just have the SplitTooth pixel to colour and shade) so I'm opening up for some pixel comms like the ones I've been posting, only this time they're for $30 each (+$10 for complicated designs like wings and mega-detailed markings). They will be worked on after the con. Understand that since this is a pay-before-art-happens kind of situation that I will most likely be spending the money you give me at the con, so refunds will not be possible. (the money will be going right back to artists for their work that I buy, however!) If you're okay with that then grab one while you can! 


$30 each [paypal only] [comment with refs to claim]

star dusted by Zenophrenic broken ice by Zenophrenictrash monster by Zenophrenic springstep by Zenophrenic
I'm going to open 5 slots for now and see where it goes:
  1. Divinites -paid
  2. fullmetalshadowwolf -paid
  3. meiresthaimoros -paid
  4. open
  5. open

EDIT: because I am desperate for $$$ I'm doing an impromptu GRAB BAG SALE as well. For $8 you can get a bust in a randomly selected style such as sketched, inked, or coloured. No slots, you can get as many as you want, first come first serve.  
Style and technique will vary, so consider them experimental. They will be worked on as soon as I receive payment, and I will continue working on them until I leave for the con at 10AM tomorrow [Friday].     


$8 each [paypal only] [comment with refs to claim] 

$5 grab bag comms (digital) by Zenophrenic
  1. Divinites - [done]
  2. Slushy-Pye x 2 - [done]
  3. chibimaker -paid
  4. fullmetalshadowwolf - paid
  5. ParfaitPichu - paid
  6. Felis-Mechanicus -paid

There are also adoptables for sale on my adopt account KlusterFruck:
eye doges - $8 each by KlusterFruckvulture demon - $20 by KlusterFruck gryphon adopt - $8 by KlusterFruck Jungle Toxin - $20 by KlusterFruck

my paypal is if you want to send tips or gracious donations my way. I will always appreciate the support.
Thank you. 

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HannahsDefense Featured By Owner 14 hours ago   General Artist
You're really talented (:
:heart: Awesome gallery!
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Hello, for a school project I would like to get your opinion of art theft on Deviantart

Please refrain from cussing or general unprofessionalism
Thank you :)
Penfell Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Your gallery is amazing! You have a really great art style, your linework and colouring really work well together :la:
Chaos-Magara Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're Gallery is like heaven in my eyes *-* Teeth, tongues, creepy and awesome stuff... I'm so not going to leave it very soon <.<
dragon-shark Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Student General Artist
Ayyye you're totally inspiring me to draw my monsters again man
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